Miwako Sakurada
Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese 櫻田実和子
Romaji translation Sakurada Miwako
Gender Female
Age 18-28 [1]
Hair color Pink
Eye color Brown
Occupation(s) Works for Happy Berry
Student (formerly)
Family Ruriko Kouda (mother)
Hirohiko Sakurada (father)
Mikako Kouda (sister)
Tsutomu Yamaguchi (brother-in-law)
Alice Yamaguchi (niece)
Erica Nagase (daughter)
Relationships Hiroyuki Tokumori (childhood friend)
Arashi Nagase (husband)
Education Yazawa School for the Arts
Affiliations Paradise Kiss (formerly)

Miwako Sakurada (櫻田実和子 Sakurada Miwako) is a former student of Yazawa School for the Arts. She currently works for her sister Mikako Kouda at Happy Berry. She is nicknamed Miwa-chan by her boyfriend Arashi Nagase.



Introducing herself.

As the series commenced, Miwako lived with her sister, her brother-in-law and her niece. After her parents (a photographer of the sky and a mangaka) were forced to move away due to their occupations, they left Miwako with her sister Mikako. Mikako, being the successful owner/creator of the reputeable clothing brand 'Happy Berry', has always been an inspiration to Miwako, but Miwako revealed that her sister's talent far exceeded her own, but she had no bitter feelings about this fact, and continued to work hard for her nonetheless. Miwako is born on August 31st.


Miwako making out with Arashi Nagase on a pool table.

As a child, Miwako lived in close vicinity with her two childhood best friends Arashi Nagase and Hiroyuki Tokumori. Both boys had feelings for her and so the three could not remain friends. Miwako chose Arashi over Hiroyuki, but Arashi, being paranoid, threatened to leave her if she continued to see Hiroyuki. Not wanting to leave Arashi, Miwako declared that she never wanted to see Hiroyuki again.

Physical appearanceEdit

Miwako has long, pink hair that is styled in a variety of styles, often in twin tails, large blue eyes (brown eyes in the anime), and characteristically 'pouty' lips. She is quite short, and slender. Her clothes are not loyal to a particular style, but her outfits are often inspired by popular Japanese street fashions such as Lolita and Fairy Kei, in much contrast to her boyfriend's style. Her clothes are often pink she also wears pink lipstick.

Personality and traitsEdit

Miwako has an excitable personality, and a childish demeanor. She carries around a jar of konpeito candy, which Arashi and Hiroyuki jointly gave to her as a present as a child. She calls it her 'magic medicine', as it makes her feel better when she is 'in the blue' to remember that she is loved.




  1. Aged to 28 as of Stage 48.